An automation platform that works for you

Custom Applications

Spin up custom applications in minutes using Redbird's no-code / low-code capabilities



    Easily build reusable automation workflows across the full analytics lifecycle and share with other users on your team

      Building Blocks

      Rapidly create and leverage building blocks with advanced configurability to handle complex tasks


      Connect with any data source through APIs, robotic process automation, and other integrations

        Intelligent Processing

        Data wrangling, multilayered data pivots, custom logic, velocity calculations, text analytics, supervised and unsupervised learning, predictive analytics, and more

        Data Science

        Advanced data science capabilities including predictive analytics and data science modeling

          Reporting & Insights

          Generate robust web dashboards, automated powerpoint presentations, Excel outputs, and more

          Interactive Applications

          Interactive applications where you can provide feedback, explore scenarios, and take business actions