Redbird Mission

We're on a mission to automate and unify your analytics work

  • Vertical integration
  • Easy customization
  • No-code/low-code building blocks
  • Deep automation
our values

Redbird users should have data superpowers


Automated workflows eliminate the need for manual tasks, and improve productivity 10X


No-code, easy to use point and click interface for both technical and nontechnical users


End-to-end platform that seamlessly orchestrates across collection, processing and end-user applications


We know your challenges because we've lived them

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Our team has experience designing and running data analytics capabilities at a wide range of organizations, where we experienced the need for deeper automation, orchestration, and custom applications that actually solve the specific needs of different stakeholders. Organizations currently manage their complex needs through manual, disconnected, and generic solutions with significant manual effort and subpar outcomes.

We've architected Redbird to solve these key challenges, and would love to help your organization.