Automated Analytics & Data Automation

Transform Your Business With Automated Analytics

Data is powerful, but what good is it if it’s not actionable? Our data analytics automation platform transforms raw data into a goldmine of insights, ready to be acted upon. Transform raw data into actionable insights with Redbird.

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WHY Redbird?
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Rapidly Automate Your Work

Quickly spin up analytics automation workflows with functionality tailored to your specific needs.

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Democratize Automation

Equip everyone in your organization with analytics superpowers, regardless of their technical ability.

Transform Your Data Analytics in Minutes, Without Writing Code

Imagine a world where you can automate complex analytics processes in a snap, without writing a single line of code. Redbird makes this dream a reality. Our cutting-edge platform empowers you to streamline your analytics work, freeing up time to focus on what truly matters - driving insights and value.

Achieve Efficiency Gains of Up to 90% and 10x Faster Results

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of data. With Redbird, you can achieve efficiency gains of up to 90% and deliver results 10 times faster. Say goodbye to tedious manual efforts and embrace the power of automation in data analytics.

Empower Your Data-Driven Teams with Unlimited Applications

Unleash the full potential of your data-driven teams with Redbird’s unlimited applications. From data collection to insights generation, our platform offers a plethora of applications tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Automated Data Collection: Streamline Data Gathering from Multiple Sources

Effortlessly collect data in real-time from various sources, ensuring your analytics are always based on the latest information.

  • Real-time data collection: Capture data instantly for the most up-to-date insights.
  • Integration with various data sources: Connect seamlessly with any data source, ensuring comprehensive data gathering.
  • Scheduled data retrieval: Automate data collection at scheduled intervals to keep your datasets fresh and relevant.

Centralizing Your First and Third Party Data

  • Secure storage for your data: Keep your data safe and accessible in a secure environment.
  • Integration with external data sources: Easily connect and synchronize data from SaaS tools like Google Analytics, warehouses, public websites and cloud storage solutions for enriched insights.
  • Easy data accessibility and management: Simplify data management with intuitive governance-approved tools and interfaces.
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Data Wrangling: Cleanse and Transform Your Data

  • Data cleaning and normalization: Ensure data quality by cleaning and standardizing datasets.
  • Advanced transformation operations: Transform raw data into actionable insights with powerful data manipulation tools.
  • Data enrichment capabilities: Enhance your data with additional information to deepen your analyses.

Data Science: Unleash the Power of Advanced Analytics

  • Predictive analytics: Forecast trends and business performance with data-driven predictions.
  • Statistical analysis: Dive deep into your data with robust statistical methods.
  • Machine learning integration: Incorporate machine learning models and artificial intelligence for advanced data analysis.
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Predictive Analytics ReportsCloud ☁Cloud ☁

Reporting: Generate Insightful Reports Automatically

  • Automated PowerPoint generation: Create PowerPoint presentations automatically from your data insights.
  • Customizable multi-slide formats: Design slides that resonate with your audience using customized multi-slide outputs.
  • Data-driven charts and graphs: Visualize your data in PowerPoint with dynamic charts and graphs.

No-Code Analytics Automation: Empower Non-Technical Users

  • Drag-and-drop interface: Create complex analytics workflows with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Pre-built analytics workflows: Get started quickly with ready-to-use workflow templates.
  • Custom application creation without coding: Build custom analytics applications without the need for coding skills.
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Automate Reports and Insights

Keep a pulse on your financial performance with Redbird's automated reports and insights:

  • Real-time visibility into financial performance: Keep track of your financial health.
  • Interactive and customizable reports for different stakeholders: Tailor your reports for your audience.
  • Monitor KPIs and identify areas for improvement: Keep your performance on track.
  • Create powerful dashboards: Visualize your performance data.
  • Export PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports: Create PowerPoint & Excel reports that update automatically.

Interactive Applications

Redbird offers user-friendly tools for financial modeling and analysis, accessible from multiple devices and platforms:

  • Collaborative features for seamless teamwork: Enhance productivity and cooperation within your finance teams.
  • Cross-platform: Universally compatible across your various platforms.
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Reduce time to insight by 80%

Redbird's intelligent building block technology enables the creation of automated analytical workflows at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Revolutionize Your Data Analytics With Automation

Rapidly Automate Your Manual Processes with Flexible Functionality

Redbird’s platform is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you are looking to automate data collection, analysis, or reporting, our platform offers tailored functionality that adapt to your specific requirements.

Democratize Advanced Analytics Across Your Organization

Advanced analytics shouldn’t only be offered to a select few. Redbird democratizes analytics, equipping everyone in your organization, regardless of technical ability, with analytics superpowers.

Break Down Data Silos with Effortless Integration and Preparation

Data silos stifle innovation in many organizations. Redbird’s powerful integration capabilities allow you to effortlessly connect and prepare your data, ensuring that your analytics processes are fed with the most comprehensive and accurate data.

Elevate Your Data Analytics Automation with Custom Applications

Equip Your Teams with Tools for Advanced Analytics and Insights

Empower your teams with the tools they need to run advanced analytics and generate actionable insights. From predictive analytics to data visualization, Redbird’s suite of tools is designed to effortlessly transform data into insights.

Leverage Redbird’s Intelligent Building Block Technology

At the heart of Redbird’s platform is our intelligent building block technology. This technology enables the creation of custom applications at a fraction of the cost and time, revolutionizing the way you approach analytic process automation.

More Rapidly Create Custom Applications

Why settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don’t fully meet your needs? With Redbird, you can create custom applications tailored to your specific requirements, without breaking the bank or enduring lengthy development cycles.

Optimize Your Analytics Process Automation with Hyperconfigurable Building Blocks

Configure Building Blocks for a Wide Array of Use Cases

Redbird’s hyperconfigurable building blocks can be configured to handle a wide array of use cases. Whether you are looking to automate data collection, analysis, or reporting, our building blocks offer the flexibility you need to create tailored solutions.

Building Blocks Autonomously React to Data Changes Without Technical Rework

In the dynamic world of data, change is the only constant. Redbird’s building blocks are designed to autonomously react to changes in data, ensuring that your analytics processes remain agile and responsive without requiring technical rework.

Seamlessly Orchestrate Workflows Across Ingestion, Processing, and Data Science

Data orchestration is a breeze with Redbird. Our platform seamlessly handles the orchestration of workflows across ingestion, processing, data science and user-facing apps, ensuring that your analytics processes are streamlined and efficient.

Discover the Future of Analytic Process Automation

Connect and Prep: Integrate and Prepare Your Data Effortlessly

Redbird’s Connect and Prep features are your gateway to a world of endless possibilities. Effortlessly integrate and prepare your data for use within different applications. Break down silos and ensure that your analytics processes are fed with the most comprehensive and accurate data.

Custom Applications: Empower Teams with Personalized Analytics Applications

Equip everyone within the organization with applications for running advanced analytics, generating insights, and taking business actions. No more lengthy roadmaps. Redbird's intelligent building block technology enables the creation of custom applications at a fraction of the cost and time.

Automated Business Actions: Configure Actions Based on Custom Business Logic

Automate your business actions with Redbird. Whether it’s sending email updates, pushing transformed datasets, or sending signals through an API or RPA, Redbird allows you to configure automated business actions based on custom business logic.

Experience the Breakthrough of Automated Data Analytics

BI Reporting Automation: Refocus Efforts on High-Value Activities

Stop spending unnecessary time and resources updating recurring business intelligence reporting and refocus efforts on higher-value activities. With Redbird’s BI Reporting Automation, you can streamline your reporting processes and focus on what truly matters.

Combine Siloed Data Sources for Better Understanding

Seamlessly combine previously siloed data sources and run advanced analytics to better understand your business and predict key metrics. Redbirdis designed to give you a 360-degree view of your business.

Effortless Data Exploration: Explore Data at Lightning Speed with Automated Tools

Leverage automated tools to explore your data at lightning speed through statistical summaries, pivots, cross tabs, organic cluster maps, and other powerful tools. With Redbird, data exploration is not just fast; it’s effortless.

Common Questions

See our most commonly answered questions below. Additional questions? Contact Us

What is automated analytics?

Automated data analytics is the integration of analytical tools and techniques with automation technologies to efficiently analyze big data. It eliminates the need for manual intervention and enables data scientists and analysts to focus on higher-level analytical tasks. By automating repetitive and time-consuming repetitive tasks, automated analytics can significantly improve productivity and facilitate data-driven business decisions.

How do you automate analytics?

Automating analytics tasks involves using software tools to eliminate the need for manually handling repetitive analytical tasks. You can use automation tools to handle data collection, cleaning, and analysis. Set parameters and triggers for automated actions based on data insights, and monitor and optimize the system for continued performance. With Redbird, you can easily automate all of these components without writing a single line of code. Our automation software helps businesses accelerate automation efforts by a factor of 10X.

What is automated data collection?

Automated data collection is the process of using technologies and tools to gather data automatically, without the need for human intervention. This can involve using RPA, web scrapers, APIs, or other means to collect data and feed it into a data pipeline for further processing and analysis. Simplifying data collection is essential in handling big data and improving the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis.

What is reporting automation?

Reporting automation enables teams to reduce the time spent producing recurring presentations. This often involves collecting data from disparate sources, combining and processing this data and feeding the processed data into visualization outputs to help business users make decisions from the insights.

What are some examples of analytics processes that can be automated in Redbird?

Redbird enables the automation of analytics processes end-to-end across the data lifecycle - from data collection to processing, analytics and reporting outputs through one unified workflow. Common examples of processes that can be automated include: 
- The production of multi-slide executive ready Powerpoint outputs that are built off data that has been combined across sources.
- Automated data ingestion and cleaning across disparate sources.
- Business optimization using data science on top of data that has been unified with Redbird

Is Redbird's solution deployed in the cloud or on prem?

By default Redbird is deployed in the cloud within our secure AWS environment. However, the platform is architected with the flexibility to meet your organization's needs. As such, we have the ability to deploy on prem or within your organization's private cloud environment.

How scalable is Redbird's infrastructure?

The Redbird platform has been optimized for very large volumes of data to meet the needs of our enterprise customers. We use a combination of industry-leading proprietary techniques (optimized data storage, parallelized processing, dynamically scaled infrastructure, etc) to ensure your team moves at lightning speed as you scale.

Can I write code or is Redbird only no-code? What flexibility would I be giving up by opting for an all-in-one low code solution?

Redbird offers hyperconfigurable, advanced no-code building blocks that we've found to satisfy 99%+ of most organization's needs. In the event your team would like to write custom code, we do offer low-code capabilities with the option to write custom Python and SQL code. This is how we ensure your team isn't forced into tradeoffs and has the advanced tooling needed to accomplish any goal.

How do I start using Redbird?

Contact us for a deeper dive into your use cases and to see a demo of the Redbird platform. Once we've agreed on a plan, the Redbird team will walk your team through onboarding where we do extensive training and work closely together to configure your initial workflows and ensure success.

Is there a demo of the platform I can view?

We don't publish a publicly viewable demo, but our team would be happy to walk you through a 20 minute demo at your convenience. Contact us to schedule time for a demo.

What does onboarding look like?

Depending on the skillsets within your team, onboarding typically involves 1-3 weeks of training sessions where we walk through the ins and outs of the Redbird platform and work together to configure your initial workflows. We also have an extensive knowledge base that our customers can use to advance their sophistication with the Redbird platform in a self-serve capacity.

How long does it take for teams to become proficient using Redbird?

Our UX/UI is user-friendly and intended for both technical and nontechnical audiences. Depending on proficiency, we typically find most users are proficient Redbird users within 2-4 weeks of receiving access to the platform.

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