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Easily automate and unify your analytics work in minutes, without writing code

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WHY Redbird?
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Rapidly Automate Your Work

Quickly spin up AI-powered automation workflows with functionality tailored to your specific needs.

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Democratize Advanced Analytics

Equip everyone in your organization with analytics superpowers, regardless of their technical ability.

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Effortlessly integrate and prepare your data

Break down silos and prepare your data for use within different applications

  • Connectors to all your organizational data sources
  • Advanced transformation and wrangling operations
  • Text analytics and data science to drive intelligence
Custom applications

Empower teams to create personalized analytics applications

Equip everyone within the organization with applications for running advanced analytics, generating insights, and taking business actions

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No more lengthy roadmaps

Redbird's AI-powered building blocks enable the creation of custom applications at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Flexible building blocks can be configured to handle a wide array of use cases

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Redbird AI-powered building blocks are able to autonomously react to changes in data without requiring technical rework.

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Redbird seamlessly handles orchestration of workflows across ingestion, processing, data science, and user-facing apps.

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Both nontechnical and technical teams use Redbird


BI Reporting Automation: Stop spending unnecessary time and resources updating recurring business intelligence reporting and refocus efforts on higher value add activities


Advanced Analytics: Seamlessly combine previously siloed data sources and run advanced analytics to better understand your business and predict key metrics


Effortless Data Exploration: Leverage automated tools to explore your data at lightning speed through statistical summaries, pivots, cross tabs, organic cluster maps, and other powerful tools


Custom Applications: Our no-code capabilities empower business users to quickly spin up custom applications for specific use cases within marketing analytics, market research, customer insights, supply chain optimization, people analytics, personalization and more


Data Enrichment: Add enrichments to your datasets through text analytics, surveys, and other tools.


Automated Business Actions: Configure automated business actions to run based on custom business logic. Send email updates, push transformed datasets, send signals through an API, and more

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Streamlined Data Ingestion: Our off-the-shelf connectors simplify the ingestion of data across any source (1st party or 3rd party, structured or unstructured)


ETL Automation: We empower you with  low-code building blocks that simplify pipelines and are intelligent enough to automatically adapt to data changes


Data Science: Our data science capabilities empower technical teams to quickly train supervised and unsupervised data science models without having to perform ad hoc data wrangling or cobble together multiple open source tools.


Custom Application Building: Our no-code / low-code builder serves as a semantic layer to easily translate business requests and empower stakeholders with custom applications and frictionless self-serve

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Idil Cakim

SVP, Research and Insights

“With Redbird, the Audacy Research & Insights team has been able to rapidly scale to meet demand for data-driven stories across our local and national sales organizations. The Redbird platform makes it easy for us to synthesize data from disparate sources and generate robust analytical outputs for our internal stakeholders and clients.”

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Melissa Davies

Global Sr. Manager, Insights Excellence

At Mondelēz, Redbird’s automation platform has helped us bring together a broad range of digital data sources, and apply advanced analytics in a repeatable way. We’re running with a lean team, and Redbird’s solution makes it easy for us to scale quickly across brands and markets.

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Chris Witherspoon


As a first-time founder of a startup company, it's difficult and costly to assemble and run a modern data stack. We chose Redbird as our unified data solution to simplify and automate the complexities of our analytics needs. They are helping us defy expectations and shine!

Common Questions

See our most commonly answered questions below. Additional questions? Contact Us

How does Redbird's pricing work?

Our pricing is usage-based. According to your needs we can customize a pricing tier that works for you. Contact us to learn more.

Who are the Redbird team?

Redbird's founders are data analytics experts with deep enterprise experience. Our team members possess cross-functional expertise across analytics, engineering, data, product and data science disciplines.

Who uses Redbird?

Redbird is built for both technical and non-technical audiences. Our AI-powered building block technology, coupled with an intuitive UI, enables anyone to leverage Redbird.

Do I have to replace my current tech infrastructure to start using Redbird?

Absolutely not. The Redbird platform has been architected with maximal flexibility in mind, so we can fit seamlessly on top of your existing technology ecosystem. No integration work needed on your end.

Is Redbird's solution deployed in the cloud or on prem?

By default Redbird is deployed in the cloud within our secure AWS environment. However, the platform is architected with the flexibility to meet your organization's needs. As such, we have the ability to deploy on prem or within your organization's private cloud environment.

How scalable is Redbird's infrastructure?

The Redbird platform has been optimized for very large volumes of data to meet the needs of our enterprise customers. We use a combination of industry-leading proprietary techniques (optimized data storage, parallelized processing, dynamically scaled infrastructure, etc) to ensure your team moves at lightning speed as you scale.

Can I write code or is Redbird only no-code? What flexibility would I be giving up by opting for an all-in-one low code solution?

Redbird offers hyperconfigurable, advanced no-code building blocks that we've found to satisfy 99%+ of most organization's needs. In the event your team would like to write custom code, we do offer low-code capabilities with the option to write custom Python and SQL code. This is how we ensure your team isn't forced into tradeoffs and has the advanced tooling needed to accomplish any goal.

How do I start using Redbird?

Contact us for a deeper dive into your use cases and to see a demo of the Redbird platform. Once we've agreed on a plan, the Redbird team will walk your team through onboarding where we do extensive training and work closely together to configure your initial workflows and ensure success.

Is there a demo of the platform I can view?

We don't publish a publicly viewable demo, but our team would be happy to walk you through a 20 minute demo at your convenience. Contact us to schedule time for a demo.

What does onboarding look like?

Depending on the skillsets within your team, onboarding typically involves 1-3 weeks of training sessions where we walk through the ins and outs of the Redbird platform and work together to configure your initial workflows. We also have an extensive knowledge base that our customers can use to advance their sophistication with the Redbird platform in a self-serve capacity.

How long does it take for teams to become proficient using Redbird?

Our UX/UI is user-friendly and intended for both technical and nontechnical audiences. Depending on proficiency, we typically find most users are proficient Redbird users within 2-4 weeks of receiving access to the platform.

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