Introducing Redbird: An AI-powered Analytics Platform for the Enterprise

Deren Tavgac
September 3, 2022
2 min read

We're excited to share that Cube is now Redbird. While our core focus as an all-in-one automation platform for analytics work has not changed, we wanted to share a bit more of the story around what drove the rebrand and why we're excited about our next chapter as Redbird.

As a team we recently decided to collect feedback on our brand. What came out of this exercise was a realization that the Cube brand no longer encompassed the principles that excite our team and customers to use the platform every day. Cube felt static, mathematical, enigmatic, to some connoted a "black box", and thus was failing to accurately represent our core values.

After a branding and design deep dive we landed on Redbird as our new name. To us the bird evokes characteristics intrinsic to our platform - motion, dexterity, fluidity, speed, flight and automation. The color red also symbolizes energy, power, warmth and friendliness, in alignment with our mission to democratize advanced analytics capabilities to everyone within an organization, regardless of technical acuity. The Redbird is also native to North America, elicits joy when observed in the wild and symbolizes good fortune in many cultures. Similarly we're based in NYC, and pride ourselves in producing delightful experiences and successful outcomes for our customers.

In this blog post we're also unveiling our first Redbird logo. As a result of our branding exercise, we selected an almost mechanical bird that feels modern, technological and has some light-touch characteristics of a hummingbird - namely rapid motion wings and an extended beak for effective cross-pollination. As a technology platform focused on automation and breaking down data silos, we feel this logo fits nicely with our brand ethos.

We're excited for this next phase in our brand story, and hope you'll join us in welcoming Redbird into your organization!